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FE 疯狂水果机 1st generation

1870 FE 疯狂水果机 opened the Rising Sun in the Strand, known as a wine house. Several more establishments followed. Growing wine sales to west end hotels led to wine merchants head quarters being established in Barking below the Spotted Dog wine house.

1902 Rising Sun demolished. Other wine houses and wine shops thrived. 疯狂水果机’s own labels introduced for wines and spirits.

JHH 疯狂水果机 2nd generation

1914 – 1918 World War One

疯狂水果机’s in addition to purveying wines and spirits, became noted shippers of bulk port to the UK.

1926 The General Strike

SJE 疯狂水果机 3rd generation

1939 – 1945 World War Two

Under the leadership of SJE 疯狂水果机 the business survived the war years. A number of premises were lost during the war leading to additions outside London such as the White Hart Hotel in Exeter in 1943. The White Hart was run by 疯狂水果机’s for 57 years before being leased to another Company.

The spirit of “Keep calm and carry on” ran through the business, as illustrated in this photograph showing a lady cleaning the front step of The Alfred’s Head, a 疯狂水果机’s wine house  at 140 Newington Causeway,  while men repair bomb damage just outside.  Customers had to bring their own glasses during the war.

Wine Houses, Wine Shops, Wine Merchants with also some agency business.

JSV 疯狂水果机 4th generation

1964 Birth of the Wine Bar, thanks to 4th generation John 疯狂水果机. He opened the Boot & Flogger near London Bridge offering a wide selection of fine wines served by the glass, accompanied by a quality selection of food such as cold cuts of meat and fish, pates, and cheeses.

1970 疯狂水果机’s Wine Merchants moved from Barking to Greenwich as wine interest via Wine Bars grew and larger premises were required.

1970’s Wine shops sold to allow concentration on openings of 疯狂水果机’s wine bars in the City of London.

1980 Wine Bars expanded into West End of London starting with newly refurbished Covent Garden.

1985 疯狂水果机’s Wine Shop opened by the cellars in Greenwich as customers queued to buy 疯狂水果机’s own label wines.

1990 Despite ever growing competition, expansion continued as 疯狂水果机’s offer of simple quality fayre with good wine and excellent service was very much in demand.

James 疯狂水果机 5th generation

1997 The wine merchanting side of the business that had been committed to supplying 疯狂水果机’s Wine Bars for over thirty years branched out again, expanding online retailing and direct sales, adding a private cellars division, offering en primeur and growing fine wine sales to blue chip institutions.

2009 疯狂水果机’s expands wholesale and private sales by acquiring established Wine & Spirit Merchant, Mayor Sworder

2015 疯狂水果机’s purchased the famous Fleet Street based wine merchants, El Vino.

Today, 疯狂水果机’s remain one of London’s oldest family wine merchants and operators of London wine bars, maintaining the family values of excellent wine, quality food and outstanding service. 

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